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As a child, Gail Albert would search her bedroom closet for the hidden doorway into another dimension that lay behind the reality she knew. Her nature photography hints at her continued sense of ineffable, ever-present mystery as she plays with what is real and what is illusion. 

Albert’s recent bodies of work include: Witchtree Bog,a year of change in the bog behind her house, mirroring her own experience of impermanence and the mysterious nature of life; and Tree Portraits, portraits of individual trees as our genetic cousins, our kin.   Her photographs have been exhibited in group shows including those at the Woodstock Artists Association and Museum, Woodstock NY; Lev Shalem Gallery, Woodstock NY; Davis Orton Gallery, Hudson NY; and the Woodstock Center for Photography.

Albert began to seriously pursue photography in 2015. She is also a clinical psychologist, teacher of mindfulness meditation and Jewish contemplative practices, writer, and former student of neurobiology. Her first book was a National Book Award finalist. She lives in Woodstock NY.

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